domingo, 6 de julho de 2014

you make me happy, but im not an happy person. it may not make sense to you, it doesnt even make sense to me, but that's how i feel.

quinta-feira, 8 de maio de 2014


it's been more that a year since i poured my heart out in these lines for the last time, and i feel like i need to start writting again, cause my soul is the darkest place i've ever been.
i can't even start to explain how i feel because the words wont come out, i cant describe it, i cant even understand it.
today i woke up and felt like dying, the little bit of joy i had left in my life doesnt even care about me, doesnt even know how i feel, and thats the worst thing ever for me.. yes, i've been pushed around, i've been told i wasnt good enough, i've been told i didnt deserve the life i have, i've been lied to and betrayed, i've been treated like garbage, i've even been laugh at, but all of these things together couldnt give me more pain than losing you, losing your love... i cant even imagine the day you will look at me and your eyes, your beautiful eyes, will be emotionless, in that day i swear my life will be over, cause there is nothing more precious to me in this world than you, than your love. because you knew how broken i was and you still fell in love with me, and you cared like no one did before, you showed me what love was, you showed me what it was to be loved, and thats something i will carry with me forever. 
you may not know but i love you with every inch of my body, you taught me how to live and you dont even know it.

i will always love you.

 please don't ever leave me.
please dont let me lose myself again. 
i'm going insane without you.